Chicane (a.k.a. Nicholas Bracegirdle) is one of the most prolific dance producers, composers
and hit makers of the last three decades.

  • Electronica
  • Trance
  • House
  • Balearic trance
  • Ambient
  • Chill-out


His floor filling anthems have successfully crossedover
from underground club culture into the commercial charts and always spike instant
recognition. Most people will have the haunting refrains of ‘Offshore’, ‘Saltwater’ and ‘Don’t
Give Up’ in their musical memory, and for good reason. Dividing his time between Scotland
and his studio in the French Alps, he produces the weekly ‘Chicane Sunsets’ Radio Show.
Released on iTunes the show has been a number 1 on music podcast download chart many
times and is also syndicated to 30 terrestrial radio stations around the globe.


As well as being a fine solo producer, Chicane has also co-written and produced for Armin Van
Buuren, Sir Tom Jones, Bryan Adams, William Orbit, Cher and many more, and often headlines
huge festivals like Creamfields, the dance tent at Glastonbury, Ministry of Sound and has
appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show, Paul O Grady, Top of The Pops and Channel 5 News. He
has also worked on the title sequence for the Fox International sitcom ‘The Odd Couple’
starring Matthew Perry (Friends) and continues to turn out fantastic full length albums like The
Sum of Its Parts that spawn many singles and chart number ones such as ‘Sunstroke’.
Recorded in the big vistas and cool clear air of the Alps, The Sum of Its Parts is one of his best
works to date. Packed full of lush, epic synths, gentle rolling trance, dramatic breaks and
tough, punchy disco it featured vocalists Lisa Gerrard of Gladiator soundtrack fame, Paul
Aiden, Christian Burns and many more and has ensured Chicane is still right at the top where
he belongs.