Bristol-based Owen Brown aka Clarity has rapidly become one of the leaders of the new guard in the current Drum and Bass scene.

Having stumbled upon drum n bass music at the age of 14, within two years Clarity managed to write music that was immediately supported by top names like dBridge, Doc Scott, Loxy, Jubei, Skeptical and Grooverider. Inevitable signings to respected labels followed swiftly with imprints such as Med School, Samurai Music, Cylon, Critical Modulation, Horizons, and dBridges’ mighty Exit Records label stepping up to launch the Clarity name and sound proudly to the world.

Stripping the core elements of Drum and Bass down to a refined, unique groove, his style has become unmistakeable and at the forefront of the progression of Drum and Bass music.

The Clarity sound is fortified with a structure that binds itself firmly to Techno and propels what you know as Drum and Bass into an entirely different realm with each sound carrying its ultimate weight as a result of this minimal, but very potent delivery. His debut LP ‘Infinite’, released in 2015 on Samurai Music delivered on the hype built as a figurehead of the growing minimal DnB scene and saw collaborations with Skeptical, Indigo, and ENA. As a DJ Clarity represents this new strain of Drum and Bass with razor sharp mixing skills and impeccable selection, with bookings regularly across the UK and Europe for names like Renegade Hardware, Cylon, & Samurai Music.