LADYDUST is the artistic nickname trademark of Marina Tsigonaki, radio producer, disc jokey, actress. Her official website, is the:

She has appeared as a guest dj for the last 15 years in hundreds of dj sets (almost 450) in more than 30 tours all over her country, Greece. Also at venues in Europe. (Paris, London, Bucharest etc). Shes been the guest in major festivals like Matala festival, Greek Alternative Day, Down to Mexico festival, 4 living Thursdays fest, let me know fest, etc She ‘s had common appearances with many bands like: TheVelvoids, The Bad Mathematics, Decomposer, Mavro-Kokkino, Echo Tattoo, Five Star Hotel, Closer, Zebra Tracks, Cyanna, Rosebleed, Transistor, The Unsuccessfuls, No Profile, TheBitter Sweet, Pop Eye, Oof the Record, Irish goodbyes, Mary’s Flower Superhead, Angelika Dusk, Sunny Side of the Razor, Monsieur Minimal, The Fuzzy Nerds, Liarbirds, Berlin Brides, Xaxakes,Voyage Limpid Sound, The Dirty Fuse, Massroom, The Mind Departure, Baron Anastis, The Telestons, The Social End Products, Screaming Fly, Infrared, Victim Of Society, The Bet, The Dark Rags, Dead Miss Heat, Ass, Altribe, Katerina Duska, Daphne and the Fuzz, etc She’s done opening acts for artists like: Tricky, (UK) Craig Walker, (IR) Get Well Soon, (BL) Sivert Hoyem The Soup, (NO) Pierced Arrows (USA) ,Chris Hughes (AU), Mecano (NL), Steve Wynn (US) Dan Stuart (US), Phil Shoenfelt (UK) ,Les Enfants de Pigalle, etc.

Shes done the music production in the fashion shows of D.Valente , (chairwoman of greek designers) in terms of the official Fashion TV, for international designer K.Alexandraki, shes been the guest in many other big fashion events like the 360 Bazaar in Athens syntagma square or at La Haulle Fraussinet in Denim Circus Exhibition. She’s also invested with her tunes more formal events, like the elife congress, a big scientists conference under the auspices of the Hellenic Republic. She has released a cd collection with bands of the greek indie rock scene with whom shes had common appearances throughout the years. Her last international appearance was surrounded by names like Daniel Miller, (producer of New Order), Nadine Shah, etc.

Some of the venues she has played in the country Gagarin, (Athens), (Schoolwave fest) Texnopolis, Θεατρο Πετρας (Αthens), Passport live space, (Piraeus), Miga, 6 D.o.g.s , Τiki, Fouar , O mpampas, Decadence, Skyfall , Corto Maltese, Death Disco, Sfigga, Dude, Booze Cooperativa, 10ΒΗΤΑ, Ιntrepid Fox, Drunk Sinatra, Spinster, Jackson, Ippo, Tokyo, Mousa, Belafonte , Mosaiko Anima, Blue, V4, The Party, Drugstore, Pinocchio, Locomotiva, Floral , Rinokeros, Tribe , Hoxton, Dunkel , Frogs, Underworld, Garage , Celline (Athens), Stoa , Baraki , Blue Gin Boxx Live stage (Ιoannina), Otro Kalashnikov (Serres), Mode Escobar (Κozani), Mylos (Kως), Thalassografia Motel (Κavala), Akti live space , More Steps Lennon (Patra), Κλεψυδρα (Τrikala), Blow up Matala festival (Crete), Bar 2 (Naypaktos), Dam Costa Costa (Xalkidiki), Cadillac Records, (Karditsa) Astra (Mykonos), Casablanca Soul (Santorini), Okio Red (Piraeus), Residents, Art House, La Dose Diatiriteo (Thessaloniki), Bocca Cargo (Αlex/poli), Festival of Culture Μilos 2012, Roots (Lamia), Sinagogi, To Vazaki Fortuna (Chania), Jive (Rethymno), Peppermint Motel (Ιerapetra), Legends (Rhodes), Fox Anglais (Kythera), Elia (Syros) etc Shes also the hostess of her own radio show called: Planet Ladydust, a deep narration research over the general rock n roll scene, through the countries, the species, and the ages. There is a variety between alternative, brit pop, indie, psyche, soul, funk, electronica, pop, dubstep, disco, film soundtracks and so many more species. It all depends on the identity of the venue which hosts Ladydust’s playlists. (★ladydust/) Right now, ‘planet Ladydust’ is being broadcasted at the fm frequency of Nostos Radio, 100, 6, every Tuesday, Thursday, (22:00-24:00)