Leftfield – Neil Barnes and Paul Daley – one of electronic music’s all time greatest acts -have just
released Leftism 22, a very special reissue of their seminal debut album Leftism and have just
completed a Sold Out UK tour where Leftfield (now led solely by Neil Barnes) performed the record
in full. Leftism 22 is available to download and buy via Sony CG.

“There’s a scope and spirit, an energy and a madness to Leftism which’ll make it stay up
there, bouncing around in the great echo chamber of futurity” – NME

“ A Dance Music Landmark.” Mojo

Leftfield was formed in 1989, before emerging publicly in 1990 with Not Forgotten, a song that
established a template for a new strain of British house leaning away from American styles
dominating UK clubs.
Released in January 1995, their debut album Leftism remains one of the
defining statements of dance music, a gloriously inter-woven bombardment of musical styles and
immaculate grooves, nominated for a Mercury prize and later voted in the top ten greatest albums
of all time by readers of Q magazine. The album spawned numerous hit singles in Open Up – their
now legendary collaboration with John Lydon; Original, featuring Curve’s Toni Halliday; Release
the Pressure, featuring Earl Sixteen; and Afro-Left, with vocals by Neil Cole, aka Djum Djum.

“It’s hard to overestimate the significance of Leftism, roundly acknowledged upon its
release in 1995 as the first truly complete album experience to be created by house
musicians and the first quintessentially British one” – Q Magazine